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  • The world's first invention of the "selfie robot - IC chip module, the agency tracking the design of research and development company" , we proposed IC chip products in the world is not similar to "selfie robot hardware and software combination of tracking action products, Use face recognition, object tracking, software technology to capture face tracking, and tracking with infrared hardware to shoot. This wafer module supports the Android and IOS APP algorithms and firmware of the mechanism of rotation tracking control technology, customers can easily use this chip, just select the battery, lights, motors, you can process design product appearance , And the phone linked to the selfie situation of the application selfie robot goods. Our positioning: "GrassWonder Inside" (embedded small green grass chip), this positioning to support customers to design, perfect user selfie experience: "Let the phone lens has been chasing their own, their own kind of being chasing the stars feel ", Which is the best user experience.
  • IC chip module services are: brand, product design companies, foundries. The product categories are: Upgrade the traditional electronic products to become the wisdom of the hardware to track the movement of products, such as: selfie robot (host live just need), intelligent selfie shot (selfie just need), photographed robot (dynamic shooting just need) (DV video just need to), intelligent video conferencing (audio and video just need to), Bluetooth audio upgrade tracking selfie (entertainment audio-visual education audio and video broadcast just need), selfie button (increase directly when the camera body beauty just need to), VR mobile phone camera base Products), the traditional camera and DV recorder automatically chase the million base (as long as a standard tripod Luo Sikong equipment can be applied under 1 kg), with the traditional electronic products to upgrade the application of the scene to track the product is very much .
  • Our core technology is "IC design for organization tracking", including: face tracking, object tracking, hardware infrared tracking, suitable for all kinds of electronic consumption (such as mobile phone peripheral electronic intelligent accessories), home tracking moving parts (Such as: business meeting video, large video camera), drive different body size, equipment weight, tracking speed ... and other needs, which require different customization (such as: Project development.



Auto focus camera Self-portrait shot is the entrance to the hardware support of the self-portraits, but no one can meet the needs of auto-focus camera Automatic face tracking All the beauty software / audio / video / video / video and all entertainment audio-visual streaming media, should be able to let the phone release his hands, and mobile phone eyes (lens) To meet this demand. Release your hands Our "selfie robot-IC chip module", provides no one can solve the self-portrait shot of the auto-tracking pole auto focus, while the net red, anchor, conference video, watch streaming media ... and so on, so that mobile phones can release dual Hand, while tracking your movements to the correct position of the IC chip module.


Selfie Robot (FieBot) . Mobile is brain, the device is the head, tripod body.
1.Perceive : The face recognition software, hardware infrared tracking.
2.Analysis : Tracking people's movement position, XY axis coordinate conversion for mobile phones.
3.Inference : Analyzing the correct positioning of the robot turned to goal.
4.Decision : Take the picture.


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